Clinical Decision Support Tool for Parental Tobacco Treatment in Primary Care

In Pediatrics, Brian Jenssen and colleagues, including Frank Leone and Alexander Fiks, evaluate the effectiveness of an intervention to help primary care pediatricians provide smoking cessation treatment to parents/caregivers who smoke. The authors created a clinical decision support tool, embedded it in the electronic health record, and evaluated its use and clinical impact. Participating clinicians, at an urban primary care center, received training in smoking cessation counseling, nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) prescribing, referring to an adult treatment program and use of the decision support tool. Jenssen and colleagues find that 80% of the clinicians used the tool, and 94% of those surveyed were satisfied with it. 44% of parents sampled received NRT and 25% were using NRT. A larger scale investigation is needed to examine how the decision support tool can be integrated into varied practice settings.