Fiftieth Anniversary

Celebrating 50 Years of Health Policy Leadership

In 1967, shortly after the launch of the Medicare and Medicaid programs, LDI was established as the first academic center to combine the disciplines of a leading medical school and business school. Over the next half century LDI evolved as Penn's hub for collaborative health reseach and policy. Now, in 2017, we celebrate that hub's unique heritage and accomplishments as an ongoing force in the improvement of the nation's health care system.

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LBJ Enacts Medicare and Medicaid

President Lyndon Johnson enacts Medicare and Medicaid. The laws, drafted in part by William Kissick, provide unprecedented health coverage for elderly and low-income Americans.

LDI is Established

LDI is established at Wharton with the support of Leonard Davis, an innovator in private health insurance, and his wife Sophie. 

Health Care Management MBA

LDI drives the creation of a Health Care Management MBA at The Wharton School, a prototypical degree in advanced business management for health care industry professionals.

National Health Insurance Issue

Rising to the top of the political agenda, National Health Insurance is the focus of a national conference hosted by LDI and a two-part article in the New England Journal of Medicine by Robert Eilers.

Health Maintenance Organizations

Congress enacts and President Nixon signs the Health Maintenance Organization Act, based largely on the academic work of Robert Eilers.

Convening Our Experts
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October 5-6, 2017
in Philadelphia

50th Anniversary Symposium
Shaping the Future of Health Care

In a milestone year for LDI and a pivotal moment in national health care policy, join leading thinkers from Penn, industry, media and government in a collaborative exchange exploring the continued challenges of health care access, affordability, value and disparities.

Oct. 5, 2017 to Oct. 6, 2017
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Celebrating Our History
Chronicling Our Impact
Its Role in a Landmark Event of Health Services Research History
A Look Back at Mark Pauly's Years as LDI Executive Director
LDI Alumnus Scott Ramsey Provides New Insights on Financial Distress as Adverse Side Effect
A Policy Expert Who Played a Key Role in Shaping LDI
50 Years Since Passage of Landmark Health Care Legislation

The degree programs in health care management, policy and research established through LDI have produced more than 2,500 Penn graduates who are leaders in academia, government agencies, foundations, health care organizations, and industry.

LDI digs deep to understand the mechanisms affecting populations made vulnerable by demographic or geographic disparities. LDI researchers have analyzed issues from appointment availability for Medicaid-eligible patients, to neighborhood effects on health outcomes, to the "leaky pipeline" for minorities in health professions.