Cohort 16: SUMR 2015

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Oluwatobi (Tobi) Akindoju

Yale University, Class of 2016
Major: Economics and Global Affairs


Oluwatobi (Tobi) Akindoju is a rising senior at Yale University where he is pursuing a BA in Economics and Global Affairs, with a focus in International Development. He plans on attending medical school after graduation and hopes to combine his academic and professional interests into a career that improves both health access and economic opportunity for underserved populations in the U.S. and African nations. Tobi is particularly interested in understanding health policy and its effects on local communities, and how innovation can help to increase quality and decrease cost in the healthcare system.

During his time at SUMR, Tobi is working with Dr. Jason Karlawish and Tigist Hailu on a community health mapping project in West Philadelphia, focusing on cognitive health. The project is under the supervision of the Penn Healthy Brain Research Center, and hopes to create awareness in the Philadelphia community about issues of cognitive aging and health, as well as enact changes in policy.

At Yale, Tobi is a leader of Beta Upsilon Chi, a Christian fraternity on campus. He is heavily involved with the Yale African Students Association, which looks to connect students to issues occurring on the continent. In his free time, Tobi volunteers in the New Haven community, particularly tutoring middle and high school students in science and math. He enjoys playing basketball competitively, traveling, reading journals and novels, exploring new genres of music, and watching films.

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Francisca Bermudez
Princeton University, Class of 2018
Major: Molecular Biology


Francisca Bermudez is a rising sophomore at Princeton University, where she is pursuing a BA in Molecular Biology with certificates in Global Health & Health Policy and Spanish. After graduating from college, she hopes to obtain an MD/PhD and one day work with Doctors Without Borders.

Originally from Santiago, Chile, Francisca moved to the United States as a child and is currently living in Philadelphia. Growing up in a developing country, however, it was her personal experiences witnessing geographic disparities and health care inequality that motivated her to want to become a physician along with a health services researcher. As a result, she hopes to one day help ease and solve many of the structural challenges found in health services in developing nations as well as in the United States, and is particularly interested in helping improve overall delivery and access to health care.

This summer, Francisca is working with Dr. Peter Reese and Dr. Said Ibrahim. Under the guidance of Dr. Reese, she is assisting with a qualitative study assessing the effects of being turned down as a living kidney donor. Specifically, the study compares the emotional, physical, and financial status of individuals turned down as living kidney donors with the results of those who were able to donate. In addition, Francisca is working with Dr. Ibrahim on two studies: Staying Positive with Arthritis (SPA), a study aimed to improve quality of life, and African American Preference for Knee Replacement: A Patient-Centered Intervention (ACTION).

At Princeton, Francisca enjoys volunteering and serves as project leader of SVC: Creative Minds, a group that volunteers at local nursing homes in the Princeton/Plainsboro area. In addition, she is an editor for the Princeton Public Health Review, plays Club Field Hockey, and is actively involved in the Davis International Center. Outside of her academic interests, Francisca enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

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John Gehlbach
University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2017
Major: Health and Societies
Minor: Nutrition


John Gehlbach is a rising junior in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. He is pursuing a major in Health and Societies with a concentration in Health Care Markets and Finance. In addition to being interested in health services and health policy, John is minoring in Nutrition.

Looking forward, John aims to combine his research and clinical interests. Witnessing health care delivery firsthand, John has past experience involving assisting on procedures, sterilizing equipment, and practice management. He is excited by the prospect of combining both aspects of health care into one career. Here at Penn, John is involved with the community as the President of the Penn Pre-Dental Society. He also takes his time to volunteer and coordinate fundraisers promoting oral cancer research.

As part of SUMR, John is enthusiastic to gain insight into research but also make valuable contributions. John is working closely with Dr. Kathleen Foley, an innovative researcher at Pfizer interested in patient centricity. Dr. Foley and John are specifically examining mechanisms of patient input across various phases of pharmaceutical development. Ultimately, benefits of this investigation include developing measurement methods as evidence for the value of patient engagement tools in the drug industry.

Beyond academics, John expresses himself musically through playing the alto saxophone. With any free time left in the day, John cherishes time with his friends as they find new things to explore in Philly.

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Enrique Torres Hernandez

St. Mary's University, Class of 2017
Major: Mathematics, Economics, and Political Science 


Enrique Torres Hernandez is a first generation college student and rising junior at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas; where he is majoring in Mathematics, Economics, and Political Science. His interest in healthcare and health policy began during his childhood, when he was exposed at an early age to the many disparities and problems in the U.S. healthcare system. His experiences and knowledge has driven him to study research in the health care field, in order to better understand the complex issues that surround healthcare access. Because of Enrique’s love for knowledge and learning, he plans to pursue a PhD in Applied Mathematics, Economics, Behavioral Neuroscience, or a health related field.

This summer, Enrique is working with Dr. Blanca Himes, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology in Biostatistics and Epidemiology, on a project concerning the Visualization of Relationships among Demographic and Environmental Variables with Asthma Prevalence in the United States. Enrique is also working with Dr. Meghan Lane-Fall, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care on a project attempting to standardize operating room (OR) to intensive care unit (ICU) handoffs at two Philadelphia hospitals. For the first project, Enrique is conducting regression data analysis using the statistical software R, to analyze relationships among variables and Asthma prevalence. On the second project, Enrique observes and records transitions and handoffs from the OR to the ICU, using both qualitative and quantitative research methods to help improve communication during handoffs.

Outside of research, Enrique has many interests and hobbies including playing piano, singing, dancing, skateboarding, and playing basketball and soccer. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching movies, and being involved in his community through community service. Enrique is a member of various groups and organizations at St. Mary’s University including the Society of Mathematicians, the Chapel Choir, and other honor societies for economics and political science. He also works at St. Mary’s during the school year and he serves on the executive board of two advocacy groups on campus. Enrique is a member of the multicultural and community service fraternity Omega Delta Phi; and will be volunteering in Liturgical music by playing piano and singing during spiritual and religious retreats this upcoming school year. In the future

Enrique plans on being a mentor for other students through a leadership program at his school and continue conducting research in the health economics field.

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Mei-Lynn Hua

The University of Texas at Austin, Class of 2016
Major: Economics/Plan II Honors
Minor: Biochemistry


Mei-Lynn Hua is a senior at The University of Texas at Austin majoring in Economics and Plan II Honors, an interdisciplinary liberal arts honors program that emphasizes analytical skills and writing. After graduation, Lynn plans to go to medical school and is interested pursuing graduate training in Health Economics. In addition to practicing clinical medicine, Lynn would like a career that incorporates her passion for US health policy issues.

This summer, Lynn is working with Dr. Daniel Polsky, Executive Director of the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, on a project that will measure the size and extent of provider networks across silver level plans offered in the health insurance marketplace throughout the US. In addition, Lynn is working with Will (Peichun) Wang, an Applied Economics doctoral student, on a project co-sponsored by Dr. Robert Town, Professor of Health Care Management at the Wharton School, to investigate the contracting and negotiation process between providers and insurers.

She initially became involved in health policy issues as a legislative aide for Texas State Senator José Rodriguez where she worked on a bill that would have initiated a statewide ban of trans-fats in TX restaurants. During the 2015 open enrollment period, Lynn volunteered as a certified application counselor to help those in her community get coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Last summer, she studied abroad in London, England where she interviewed health professionals and completed a project over the National Health Service and how it addresses mental health issues.

At The University of Texas, Lynn is part of the Student Health Advisory Committee and works as a phlebotomist. She previously served as Executive Vice President of the Asian Business Students Association. Her past research experience includes examining public perception in response to an Ebola outbreak and using bioinformatics and epidemiological methods to determine the cause of Cronkhite Canada Syndrome and Malignant Atrophic Papulosis.

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Anuvrat Jha
The Ohio State University, Class of 2016
Major: Business Economics and Microbiology


Anuvrat Jha is a rising senior at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. He is majoring in Business Economics at the Fisher College of Business (FCOB) and Microbiology at the College of Arts & Sciences. Upon graduation, he plans to go to graduate school and work in the field of Big Data Analytics in healthcare.

Throughout his time at Ohio State, Anuvrat has been very passionate about healthcare research. He has held multiple research positions in the field of infectious diseases, biomedical informatics, and healthcare operations management. Anuvrat entered the world of research working on a research project with the Center for Microbial Interface Biology, in which he was studying the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Cystic Fibrosis patients. He utilized whole genome sequence data and molecular microbiology techniques to identify novel mutations. Currently, Anuvrat is conducting a research project with the Department of Biomedical Informatics, in which he is investigating drug repurposing in malignant melanoma in silico. In addition, he is working on his thesis with the Department of Management Sciences at FCOB, in which he is investigating the effect of patient experience on patient and clinical outcomes.

During SUMR, Anuvrat is working with Dr. Ashley Swanson, Assistant Professor of Health Care Management, on a project utilizing machine learning strategies to analyze uncertainty and risk in Physician Treatment Choices. Additionally, Anuvrat is working with Dr. Robert Nathenson on a project analyzing the variation in the amount of charity care given by for-profit and not-for-profit hospitals to indigent members of the community. Through SUMR, Anuvrat plans to expand his data analytics skill set and participate in health economics research.

Outside of research, Anuvrat enjoys running, playing basketball, exploring new cities, and watching Ohio State Buckeyes sports.

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Tammy Jiang
Brown University, Class of 2016
Major: Public Health


Tammy Jiang is a rising senior at Brown University. She is studying public health and is in the 5 year Bachelors and Master of Public Health program with a track in epidemiology. Growing up in New York, she has seen the way disease patterns vary across the city in a pattern similar to that of poverty and race and ethnicity. Driven by her passion to promote health equity and improve the health of communities of color, she aims to use epidemiology to study the social determinants of health and identify evidence-based solutions to close health gaps in the United States.

Over the summer, Tammy is working with Dr. Therese Richmond researching the emotional responses and recovery after traumatic injury in urban Black men. This study examines individual, institutional, and environmental risk and protective factors throughout the life trajectory in the development of psychological consequences of acute traumatic injury. Furthermore, the project aims to elucidate the psychological consequences of injury in order to reduce the rates of injury recidivism. She is also working with Dr. David Grande on a second project investigating the multi-dimensions of access to prostate cancer care and racial differences in treatment of localized prostate cancer.

At Brown, Tammy was the President of the United Nations Children’s Fund chapter and spearheaded fundraisers and educational events at Brown to promote the health, education, and safety of children around the world. She worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant for two public health classes, Introduction to Public Health and The Burden of Disease in Developing Countries. Tammy has also worked on a myriad of environmental, social justice, and university governance issues at Brown.

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Rishab Kumar
University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2017
Major: Economics and Mathematics


Rishab Kumar is a rising junior in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. He is pursuing a BA in Economics with a minor in Mathematics. Although Rishab is unsure of what exactly his future plans are, he is highly interested in macroeconomic modeling, data analysis, and drug pricing. He ultimately wants to get a PhD in economics or an MBA to take his interests to the next level.

Rishab’s interest in healthcare came more recently after working part time with Dr. Jalpa Doshi throughout his sophomore year. This experience with Dr. Doshi allowed him to see the many gaps in Medicare and more importantly understand the intersection between economics and health. Rishab applied to SUMR to expand upon this and continue his work with Dr. Doshi.

During SUMR, Rishab is turning his part-time work from over the school year into a full-time job with his mentor Dr. Doshi. While he was working part-time, he helped in the initial stages of a project measuring the effectiveness of cost sharing under Medicare in patients with cancer. This summer he is statistically analyzing the data coming in from this project using SAS as well as doing his own research on drug pricing and Patient Assistance Programs for Dr. Doshi.

Outside of research Rishab has many interests. In his free time he plays golf and basketball, travels, spends time with friends, and watches Philadelphia sports.

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Cristal Lopez
California State University of San Marcos, Class of 2016
Major: Psychology


Cristal Lopez is a rising senior at California State University of San Marcos, where she is majoring in Psychology. After experiencing a highly traumatic event she became interested in a career in clinical psychology with an emphasis in trauma studies. Motivated by her experience, Cristal realized the shocking high rates of PTSD in certain communities. This has led her to build her research career around developing techniques to help in preventing PTSD/trauma.

This summer, Cristal is working with Meghan Marsac, PhD and Nancy Kassam-Adams, PhD at the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. One of Cristal’s responsibilities involves enrolling participants into a study that uses a web-based preventative intervention for children. This study will examine the feasibility of the “Coping Coach” intervention for children who experience injury due to violence. Cristal will also be assisting with enrollment for another study that tests the acceptability, feasibility, and initial efficacy of “The Cellie Coping Kit” as an intervention for children who have recently been injured.

During the summer of 2014, Cristal was selected for the highly competitive Minority Access to Research Careers program (MARC), an NIH funded program that attracts some of the top students in the country to doctoral level careers in the sciences. In spring 2014, Cristal began research under the mentorship of Dr. Heike Mahler at California State University of San Marcos, where she studied the effects of intergroup/intragroup discrimination and its effects on mental health within the Latino community. During the summer of 2014, Cristal began as a research assistant at the University of California San Diego under the mentorship of Dr. Mahler assisting in a study designed to increase the use of sun protection. Cristal demonstrates her exemplary leadership skills as a member of the Psychology Student Organization held at California State University of San Marcos. Cristal was awarded membership into the Psi Chi International Honors Society for Psychology in spring 2014. Currently, she is working on her own research project with Dr. Heike Mahler examining the efficacy of a social norms-based prevention intervention to reduce sexual assault on college campuses. Upon receiving her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Cristal plans on applying to Clinical Psychology PhD programs in the fall.

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Omar Mansour

Macalester College, Class of 2016
Major: Biology
Minor: Statistics


Omar Mansour is a rising senior at Macalester College, MN, where he is pursuing a BA in Biology with a concentration in Community and Global Health and a minor in Statistics. Omar is interested in research and his major interests include infectious disease epidemiology, biostatistics, and clinical trials. His goal is to explore optimal methods of healthcare services delivery, especially to populations in resource-limited settings. Omar hopes to design statistical models that will allow healthcare providers and policy makers to accurately predict health outcomes and create systemic changes.

This summer, Omar is working with Peter Groeneveld, MD, MS, Andrew Epstein, PhD, MPP and Sakhena Hin, MPH, on investigating the impact of the use of clinically available genomic tests for cancer prognosis and treatment on treatment regimen, disease-free survival, direct medical costs, and racial disparities in these outcomes among patients with breast, colon, and lung cancer in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Omar is also working with Blanca Himes, PhD on visualizing relationships among demographic and environmental variables with asthma prevalence in the US. The aim of the project is to use Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance (BRFSS) data, which includes state and county level data for asthma, gender, race, income, education, BMI, and smoking status, to conduct regression analyses to identify relationships among these variables, visualize the geographic distribution of these relationships in the US, and extend the analyses to incorporate publicly available air pollution data.

At Macalester College, Omar is an active community member. He is part of Zabumba, a Brazilian samba drumming band, a research assistant at the Institute for Global Citizenship, epidemiology tutor, and an intern at the Minnesota Department of Health. Outside of school and extracurricular activities, Omar enjoys catching-up with friends, biking, playing soccer, and trying new restaurants. In the future, he intends to pursue a PhD in epidemiology with a concentration in biostatistics.

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Adjoa Mante
Princeton University, Class of 2017
Major: Spanish, Pre-med


Adjoa Mante is a rising junior at Princeton University majoring in Spanish and pursuing a certificate in Global Health and Health Policy. Adjoa intends to attend medical school and pursue a career integrating medical practice and health services research. Utilizing the skills gained from her concentration in Spanish, Adjoa hopes to work as a physician in an urban center. Through a combination of practice and research, Adjoa intends to pursue a career improving the health underserved minority populations.

Although Adjoa has long been interested in medicine and health, her interest in health services research developed through an internship at Pennsylvania Hospital. For this research project under Dr. Clara Granda-Cameron, Adjoa conducted gap analysis of head and neck cancer care services provided at Pennsylvania Hospital. Through this experience, Adjoa realized the importance of timely and efficient delivery of care and the health services research that defines appropriate patterns of care.

This summer, Adjoa is working with Dr. Scott Halpern and his research team on two projects investigating possible improvements to end of life care. Adjoa is conducting a literature review to identify the prevalence of advanced directives in the American population. She is also involved in an additional experiment that hopes to determine the advantages of intuition or deliberation based decision making about life sustaining medical interventions.

In addition to her interest in health, Adjoa is passionate about travel and community service. During her sophomore spring semester, Adjoa studied abroad in Cuba taking courses through the University of Havana and Princeton University. The combination of coursework on health, literature and demography in Cuba has confirmed Adjoa's interest in global health. On campus, Adjoa is involved in the Student Health Advisory Board and will be going on an international service trip to Ghana - the homeland of her parents - next year. Adjoa also enjoys running, eating fruits, making bad puns and dancing with the Princeton Bhangra team.

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Kelly McClure
Cornell University, Class of 2016
Major: Industrial and Labor Relations
Minor: Policy Analysis and Inequality Studies


Kelly McClure is a rising senior studying Industrial and Labor Relations and minoring in Policy Analysis and Inequality Studies at Cornell University. She is passionate about public policy issues and plans to pursue a PhD in Economics post-graduation. She plans to use her education and research to create and evaluate economic policy solutions facing low-income Americans.

This summer she is working with Dr. Gretchen Seuss at the Barbara and Edward Netter Center for Community Partnerships, Penn’s initiative to develop democratic, mutually beneficial partnerships between the University and the West Philadelphia community. As a summer researcher, Kelly is conducting Qualitative Research on the Young Quakers Community Athletics program, an afterschool initiative between Penn athletes and West Philadelphia youth. The program seeks, among other things, to use athleticism to promote physical, mental, social, and emotional health, as well as instill values that stress the importance of education and college-readiness. As a member of the Evaluation team she is gauging the effectiveness of the program in improving the quality life of Philadelphia Youth.

By participating in the SUMR program Kelly hopes to gain an intimate understanding of university-based community engagement and life in academia. She is excited to work on a project that impacts and engages local communities!

At Cornell, Kelly is a member of the Cornell Forensics Society, Student Assembly, and Union for Disability Awareness. She is also a Ronald E. McNair Scholar, OADI Research Scholar, and Worker Institute Research Fellow. In her free time she enjoys archery, swimming, and mudding.

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Brandon McKenzie
Swarthmore College, Class of 2017
Major: Psychology & Economics


Brandon McKenzie is a rising junior at Swarthmore College, where he is currently pursuing a double major in Psychology and Economics. After graduation, he plans on attending medical school, concentrating on neurology with aspirations to help in the advancement of the understanding of neurological diseases and processes. He hopes to both partake in clinical research and become a practicing physician, making an impact on patients both indirectly and directly. Additionally, he will continue to educate himself in health economics in order best serve people.

As part of SUMR, Brandon hopes to learn more about the ever-evolving field of health economics and all of its implications. He hopes to learn to identify problems that patients everywhere face and ask the right questions to find answers. In addition, he hopes to learn how research is done in this field, as well as gain clinical experience in order to maximize his experience.

This summer, Brandon is working alongside Dr. Angela Bradbury, Linda Crossette, and Matthew Astolfi on a translation of genomics into improvements in cancer prevention and treatment. Additionally, he is working with Dr. Catherine McDonald on a web-based intervention to prevent risky driving in newly licensed teenagers.

At Swarthmore, Brandon enjoys playing soccer and volunteering as a buddy to disabled children in the TOPS soccer program. He is also part of the stock market club, where he hopes to learn more about investing. When not working, he enjoys reading, playing pick-up sports, and spending time with friends.

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Shanarra Turner
University of Michigan, Class of 2018
Major: Sociology


Shanarra Turner is a rising sophomore at the University of Michigan majoring in Sociology. Shanarra has always had an avid interest in working in healthcare. She had dreams of becoming a physician until she discovered the field of public health. She then began to think working in the area of public health would be better suiting to her interest of helping large populations achieve good health.

Coming from the urban city of Detroit, Shanarra has seen the impact that a lack of adequate health insurance, income and even education can have on health. This has led her to a passion for eliminating health disparities among lower income populations. After completing her undergraduate studies, Shanarra plans to pursue a Masters in Health Policy or Health Behavior and Health education and possibly some doctoral work in either one of those areas.

This summer she is working with Dr. Stephanie Doupnik, a pediatrician at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, on her research that focuses on the prevalence of mood and anxiety disorders in hospitalized children and adolescents. She is also working with Dr. Sophia Jan on two studies. The first study is assessing pediatric to adult healthcare system interventions made by the Multidisciplinary Intervention Navigation Team (MINT). The goal of the second study is to assess decision-making around out of home placement and risk for maltreatment of family caregivers of people with severe intellectual disabilities.

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Sharonya Vadakattu
University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2018
Major: Biological Basis of Behavior and Economics


Sharonya Vadakattu is a rising sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a member of the Life Sciences and Management Program, and plans to pursue a BA in the Biological Basis of Behavior and a BS in Economics. Although she is undecided about her future plans, Sharonya has always been highly interested in international development, global health, and using the intersection of policy and research to positively impact the community.

As a SUMR scholar, Sharonya is assisting Dr. Neil Sheth to understand and quantify the burden of musculoskeletal disease at a hospital site in Moshi, Tanzania. In addition, Sharonya is working with Dr. Prasun Subedi at Pfizer to help develop an understanding of the value of pharmaceuticals to society, and to comprehend the implications and future of the drug pricing debate.

Besides her interests in health economics and public policy, Sharonya is also involved on campus as a member of the Society for International Development, the Wharton Alumni Relations Council, and the Joseph Wharton Scholars board. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, exploring the Philadelphia restaurant scene, and watching movies.

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Rathnam Venkat
University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2018
Major: Economics
Minor: Biology


Rathnam Venkat is a rising sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. He is majoring in Economics and pursuing a minor in Biology. Rathnam has always been interested in the intersection between business and health care. In high school, Rathnam conducted biological research at Purdue University and realized that an interdisciplinary mindset is essential to translating research advancements into practical use. This led Rathnam to his course of study at Penn.

Throughout his freshman year, Rathnam conducted research with Dr. Mitesh Patel, a senior fellow in the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics. He helped Dr. Patel analyze the effectiveness of financial incentives to motivate people to use fitness apps. He also helped research insurer policies on wearable devices. At Penn, Rathnam is a member of the Penn Masti South Asian fusion dance team and a tutor in the West Philadelphia Tutoring Program.

This summer, Rathnam is exploring his interests in both business and health care through the SUMR Program. He is working with Dr. David Grande, Director of Policy at LDI and Assistant Professor at the Perelman School of Medicine, to assess waiting times and more generally access to care disparities between patients with Medicaid and private insurance in Philadelphia after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Moreover, Rathnam is working with Dr. Emil deGoma, an Assistant Professor at the Perelman School of Medicine, to conduct clinical trials and evaluate patient feedback on a web-based decision aid for preventative cardiology. Rathnam is also collaborating with Dr. deGoma on a review article highlighting the existing literature on shared decision-making in preventative cardiology.

After graduation, Rathnam plans to work in health care consulting and eventually attend medical school. In his free time, Rathnam enjoys playing basketball and reading.

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Jerome Watts
Haverford College, Class of 2017
Major: Biology
Minor: Health Studies 


Jerome Watts is a rising junior at Haverford College in Haverford, PA. He is pursuing a major in Biology as well as a minor in Health Studies. His interest in medicine was spark by role models in the field of healthcare, namely Dr. Daniel Hale Williams and Dr. Benjamin Carson; his love for science and passion for addressing inequalities, specifically within the sphere of health, has only grown through the coursework at Haverford College, his exposure to different types and dimensions of research, and growing understanding of the role of health disparities in the world – particularly in the U.S. Inspired by his hard-working family and personal experiences with healthcare, Jerome is aiming to build his career around pediatric care and preventative medicine.

During SUMR, Jerome is working on two separate projects, one with Dr. Kristen Feemster, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at CHOP, and the other with Dr. Lane-Fall, an anesthesiologist and critical care expert. For the first project, under Dr. Feemster, Jerome will be gathering information to assist with the development of measurement tools for the implementation of a study identifying the risk of acquiring a respiratory infection in pediatric outpatient settings. For the second project, under Dr. Lane-Fall, he will be working on the HATRICC Project, geared around standardizing OR to ICU handoffs at two Philadelphia hospitals.

Through this experience at SUMR, Jerome is hoping to gain a better sense if he would like to be a physician as well as a clinical researcher in order to get a little closer to deciding if he would like to attend medical or grad school following his undergraduate years. At Haverford College, Jerome is the head of the Pottery Club and is involved in club soccer as well as intramural basketball, among other organizations on campus. Outside of pottery and staying physically active, he enjoys reading and being kept up-to-date on current issues in health and health policy, spending time with family and friends, and watching a good movie or two on the weekends.

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Yasmeen Wermers

Emory University, Class of 2018


Yasmeen Wermers is a rising sophomore at Emory University where she is currently pursuing a major in Economics and potentially Epidemiology. What sparked Yasmeen’s interest in Health and health care was her sociology class. In class, they learned about the gaps within the healthcare system, and how many minorities do not have access to adequate healthcare. Growing up with a diverse family and group of friends, Yasmeen has always been exposed to different experiences with health, and she wants everyone to have access to good healthcare.

During SUMR, Yasmeen is working with Dr. Kristen Feemster, assistant professor of Pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine, with her project on vaccine education. Specifically, she is working on defeating HPV vaccine hesitancy for families within the Philadelphia area. Yasmeen is also working with Dr. Doshi, Associate Professor at the Perelman School of Medicine, with her research on Pulmonary Hypertension.

Yasmeen is a busy bee on Emory’s Campus. She prides herself on being on the executive board for the Black Student’s Alliance (BSA), Emory Entrepreneurship and Venture Management, and Interfaith Club. In addition she is president of Women in Business Club as well as the Muslim Student Association. During her free time she likes to play basketball, do charcoal sketches, and explore the city with her friends. Yasmeen is planning on pursuing a PhD in either health economics or epidemiology.

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