Alexandra Grizos

Getting More Food-Allergic Young Adults To Carry Their Epinephrine: A Behavioral Economics Approach

Sep. 3, 2015

As one of the estimated 2.5% of Americans with a food allergy, deciding my next meal, snack, or even beverage is no simple task. Remembering to carry emergency epinephrine is also no walk in the park. Young adults like me are particularly vulnerable to error related to their food allergies and likely to engage in risky behavior. And despite the risk of death by anaphylaxis, few individuals with severe food allergies carry their emergency epinephrine on a daily basis.

Eight Steps to Preventing Pregnancy-Related Mortality in Philadelphia

Jun. 30, 2015

A new report on maternal deaths in Philadelphia sheds light on a persistent problem and recommends concrete, doable steps to reduce pregnancy-related mortality. The 30 members of the Philadelphia Maternal Mortality Review (MMR) team, including LDI Senior Fellows Sindhu Srinivas and coauthor Pooja Mehta identified and reviewed all cases of Philadelphia residents who died within one year of the end of pregnancy from 2010-2012.