Hoag Levins and Megan Pellegrino

SUMR 16 Scholars and Their Mentors

Sep. 15, 2016
D uring their three months in the 2016 Summer Undergraduate Minority Research (SUMR) Program, LDI SUMR scholars were each paired with a Penn faculty mentor and involved in an ongoing research project. Along with the hands-on research opportunity, the arrangement also provides the student with an intimate, real-world experience of daily life in an academic community of health services research scholars and their teams. This year's program ended in the traditional three days of seminar presentations by each of the SUMR scholars, some of whom worked on two research projects during the three-...

SUMR 16 At College of Physicians and Mutter Museum

Aug. 29, 2016
Each year, the University of Pennsylvania's LDI Summer Undergraduate Minority Research (SUMR) scholars and the College of Physicians of Philadephia's Karabots Junior Fellows meet for a day to discuss potential careers in health care. The SUMR students are college undergrads and the Karabots students are high school students from underrepresented communities. The programs of both groups immerse them in health care-related experiences and curricula aimed at preparing them for further studies in the field. Here in the College of Physicians conference room are (l to r) Karabots Junior Fellow...

SUMR 16 Cruises Scenic Boston Harbor

Jul. 9, 2016
BOSTON - Along with their attendance at AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting sessions, LDI's 2016 Summer Undergraduate Minority Research (SUMR) scholars took some time out to cruise the historic Boston harbor. The above photo shows the sunset view from the bow rail of that cruise boat. The harbor is an unusual mix of traditional nautical traffic and modern jet airliners descending to land on the waterfront runways of Logan International Airport. Sitting patiently at the end of Boston's Back Bay Long Wharf (above, left), LDI SUMR scholars await the boarding call for the "Fort Independence"...

The 2016 SUMR Orientation and Talent Show

Jun. 12, 2016
At the end of its opening week of orientation, Penn's 2016 class of Summer Undergraduate Minority Research (SUMR) scholars got to interact with a panel of former SUMR scholars and current PhD students (above). Those program veterans -- (r to l) John Gehlbach, Penn pre-dental undergraduate; Penn PhD student Amy Bond; Harvard post-doc-bound Penn graduate Julius Chen; Penn PhD student Vicky Chen; and Urban Institute staffer Siya Ndwandwe -- offered tips about the SUMR experience and potential career moves. Lighting up the day's activities was the separate annual SUMR talent show -- an ice-...