Emma Ferrante

University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2021

Major: Health and Societies

Emma Britez Ferrante studies at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) where she is pursuing a B.A. in Health and Societies with a concentration in Gender and Health. She is interested in the social determinants of health, particularly for children and minority women, and addressing population health outcomes through community outreach. In the future, Emma hopes to pursue additional degrees in Public Health, Education, or Medicine.

As a SUMR scholar, Emma works on projects with Dr. Rinad Beidas and with Dr. Jessica Dine. The ARCH Lab, led by Dr. Beidas, focuses on using implementation science to improve the health outcomes of underrepresented groups. Emma works on a variety of projects in the ARCH Lab, including ALACRITY, which supports optimizing treatments for mental disorders/organizing and delivering mental health services, and FACTS, which aims to measure the use of cognitive behavioral therapy. With Dr. Dine, Emma studies inter-professional collaboration in healthcare delivery using a reductionist approach and complexity theory and gender bias in medical training and evaluation.

At Penn, Emma is the Coordinator for the Physical Science department of Moelis Access Science, a STEM teaching and tutoring partnership between Penn’s Netter Center and West Philadelphia public schools. She loves creating interactive lessons and traveling to the high schools each week to work with the students. She also serves as the Vice President of Academic Excellence for the Kappa Iota chapter of Sigma Kappa, where she is responsible for maintaining academic resources for the chapter. Finally, she works as a General Chemistry peer tutor for Penn’s Tutoring Center. In her free time, Emma enjoys cooking, singing, and spending time with her family.

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