Jennifer Hernández

Williams College, Class of 2023

Major: Economics

Jennifer Hernández is a rising junior at Williams College majoring in Economics with a certificate in Spanish. After graduation, Jennifer plans on attending graduate school for economics and starting a career focused on addressing health concerns and poverty in Latin America and the United States.

Jennifer was born in El Salvador and grew up in Alexandria, Virginia. In both places, she realized how access to quality health care is aligned with higher wealth levels, often causing lower-income and minority communities to suffer more from preventative diseases and poor nutrition. This observation was underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic, which exposed how vulnerable health systems can create higher levels of health and income insecurity.

During SUMR, Jennifer is working on two research projects. With Benjamin Chartock, Jennifer works on uncovering the link between doctor rating scores and patient visits. With Dr. Iliana Kohler, Jennifer will contribute to the Malawi Longitudinal Study for Families and Health (MLSFH) which focuses on cognitive, economic, and social determinants of health in Malawi and other low-income contexts.

At Williams, Jennifer is Co-Treasurer of Vista, the Latinx student organization which hosts different events focused on Latinx identity and community. She is a board member of the Coalition for Immigrant Student Advancement (CISA), where she plans club events and advocates for the rights of immigrants in Massachusetts and the United States more broadly. Jennifer also served as a political coordinator for the Minority Coalition, which is a branch of student government focused on advocating for the needs of minority populations and their respective student organizations. She is excited to learn more about the intersection of economics and health as well as the role of research in advancing minority communities.