LDI Past Event Archive

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Feb. 15, 2019
“Coordination Within Teams and The Cost of Health Care” Leila Agha, Keith Ericson, Kim Geissler, James B. Rebitzer
LDI Event, Research Seminar
Feb. 13, 2019
"Access to high level pediatric care: Policies and barriers"
LDI/SOM HSR Workshop
Feb. 8, 2019
“Population Health at NYC Health + Hospitals”
LDI Event, Policy Seminar
Feb. 6, 2019
Community/Penn Event
Feb. 6, 2019
"Opioid prescribing practices of primary care physicians and nurse practitioners in Medicare Part D"
LDI/SOM HSR Workshop
Feb. 1, 2019
"Buying efficiency: an optimal hospital payment system in the presence of double upcoding"
LDI Event, Research Seminar


Jan. 31, 2019 to Feb. 1, 2019
"Challenging the Status Quo in Health Care"
Jan. 25, 2019
"Reexamining the Effect of the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program"
LDI Event, Research Seminar
Jan. 23, 2019
"How do Clinicians Want to be Supported? Participatory and Behavioral Design Methods for EBP Implementation Strategies"
LDI/SOM HSR Workshop
Jan. 18, 2019
"When the State is Your Patient: The View from Delaware's Secretary of Health and Social Services"
LDI Event, Policy Seminar
Jan. 10, 2019
LDI Senior Fellow Events
Jan. 9, 2019
“Perioperative implementation science research: challenges and opportunities”
LDI/SOM HSR Workshop