Charles Bosk, PhD

Charles L. Bosk, PhD

Professor, Sociology, School of Arts and Sciences
Professor, Medical Ethics and Health Policy, Anesthesiology and Critical Care, School of Arts and Sciences

Charles L. Bosk, PhD, research focuses on the culture of medicine. In particular, how health care professionals make sense of experiences in which time-pressured decisions are required in situations filled with un-resolvable uncertainty. When those decisions lead to adverse outcomes, he is interested in which decisions are considered blameless and blameworthy.  He is a 2018 recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship to complete a book titled Mistakes Were Changed: A Historical Ethnography of Medical Error.  In 2013, Bosk was elected to the National Academy of Medicine and was awarded the Leo G. Reeder Award by the American Sociological Association for 'distinguished contributions to medical sociology. He is the author of three books: Forgive and Remember: Managing Medical

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