Chethan Bachireddy, MD

National Clinician Scholar, Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine

Chethan Bachireddy is a National Clinician Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a physician, economist, and social entrepreneur dedicated to transforming primary care for vulnerable populations. He hails from the woods of Deep East Texas and spends his time thinking about data and community as tools for positive change.

He attended Harvard College where he majored in economics, conducted research on the intersection of microfinance and health in Mexico and Indonesia and worked with the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative to deliver life-saving medications in resourcepoor settings. He directed an ESL program for immigrant children in Boston and founded the Health Advocacy Program to empower middle-school students to become health advocates for themselves and their communities. The program is now in its 9th year and serves communities in Massachusetts, Texas, and California. He completed his medical degree at Yale University where he directed a free clinic and led a team of researchers and policymakers in a multi-site study of integrated health services for patients suffering from HIV and addiction in Ukraine. His work has been presented internationally and led to the expansion of integrated services in Ukraine, Malaysia, and Russia. He completed his internal medicine training at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School where he was named a Primary Care Innovation Fellow. Through this position, he pioneered new methods for improving the delivery of preventive health services using a unique technologyenhanced coaching model. Most recently he has been working with Microsoft and Brigham and Women’s Hospital to develop a machine-learning algorithm to help clinicians predict overdose risk in real-time.

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