Christina Kang-Yi, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Psychiatry, Perelman School of Medicine

Dr. Kang-Yi’s research relies on partnerships with publicly-funded agencies and is designed to create actionable evidence for publicly-funded systems to use in improving care and outcomes for vulnerable populations. This research has shaped Philadelphia’s mental health policy and practice. For example, her evaluation of school-based mental health programs led Philadelphia’s mental health system to promote family engagement and partnership with schools to maximize the effect of interventions in schools on children’s mental health and school functioning. Dr. Kang-Yi’s study on the connection between mental health care and jail recidivism led Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health to design, implement, and coordinate psychiatric treatment at the time of incarceration, with the goal of preventing re-incarceration by connecting individuals with psychiatric treatment upon release from jail. Dr. Kang-Yi hopes the impact of her research will be contributing to optimizing public-academic partnerships in promoting policymakers’ use of research evidence to improve mental health and wellbeing of people with psychiatric disorders.

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