David T. Galligan, VMD, MBA

David T. Galligan, VMD, MBA


Professor, Animal Health Economics, School of Veterinary Medicine
Director, Wharton Animal Health Economics Program, School of Veterinary Medicine

David T. Galligan, VMD, MBA is professor of animal health economics and director of the Center for Animal Health and Productivity at Penn Vet. He received his undergraduate degree in biology from Penn in 1976 and his veterinary degree from Penn Vet in 1981. Dr. Galligan entered dairy practice with Gap Veterinary Associates, and in 1982 returned to Penn Vet to complete a residency in clinical dairy nutrition. During this time, he developed the DAIRYLP (linear program) to formulate rations for dairy cows, which won a Lotus award for innovative spreadsheet use. Dr. Galligan graduated in 1985 from Wharton with an MBA with a focus on decision sciences. He also mentors students enrolled in the newly endowed VMD-MBA degree program at Penn Vet and the Wharton School.

Dr. Galligan’s area of research is in understanding the economic value of veterinary and associated technologies applied to animal production systems, including products and management strategies. He is keenly interested in helping veterinary medicine to position itself in a manner that promotes economic and environmental efficiency, and animal health. Dr. Galligan’s current economic research includes the development of a number of visual analytical tools to facilitate management decision-making in dairy production.

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