Flaura K. Winston, MD, PhD

Flaura K. Winston, MD, PhD


Professor, Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine
Distinguished Chair, Pediatrics, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Scientific Director, NSF Center for Child Injury Prevention Science, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Science/Medical Advisor, Office Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Flaura Koplin Winston, MD PhD is an internationally recognized, Board-certified, practicing pediatrician, a doctorally-trained engineer, a public health researcher, Scientific Director of the Center for Injury Research and Prevention and Science, Director, National Science Foundation Center for Child Injury Prevention Studies, and Medical Advisor for Innovation @ The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and a professor of pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Winston leads large interdisciplinary, multi-institutional research teams that conduct work at the interface of child and adolescent health, injury, engineering, technology and behavioral science.  She applies clinical models and systematic, pragmatic research methods to the development and evaluation of novel approaches, largely focused on the use of technology to promote health and prevent injury. To do this work, she has demonstrated ability in pulling together experts across disciplines and industries to create, evaluate and implement solutions for major health and safety problems that achieve measurable impact. Her current foundational research aims to establish the neuroscience of driving through the use of driving simulation/virtual reality, neurocognitive measures, magnetic encephalography and machine learning. Her applied research brings the diagnostic and coaching tools built on this scientific foundation to driving licensing centers (Ohio), corporations and clinics. She is applying her translational research model beyond injury through her leadership role in innovation and entrepreneurship at CHOP and Penn Medicine. For this work, she is developing models of academic medical entrepreneurship that bring together the frontline clinicians and families (who can best define clinical problems) with technological experts (who can best adapt their discoveries to solve these problems) and entrepreneurs and healthcare system administrators (who can deliver proven solutions at scale to achieve impact).

A few of her notable accomplishments include:

·         Identified child deaths from air bags, delineated the mechanism of injury and worked with industry, government and non-profits to virtually eliminate the risk.

·         Identified child injuries due to inappropriate restraint in motor vehicles and worked with government, industry and non-profits in the US, Israel and elsewhere to promote laws, products and programs regarding child passenger safety. In the US alone over 10,000 lives have been saved and a halving of child deaths from motor vehicle crashes since the mid-90’s.

·         Identified the primary causes of serious crashes among teen drivers – inexperience, distraction and poor skill (rather than risky driving) - and worked with the government to create National Teen Driver Safety Week; developed, demonstrated effectiveness and launched a new learner driver tool for families; and developed and validated new tools for assessing driving skill.

·         Identified that 1 in 6 injured children and their parents have persistent posttraumatic symptoms after a child is injured and developed, demonstrated effectiveness and launched tools for parents and clinical teams (and in the process of developing a therapeutic game for children)

·         Created and validated the Simulated Driving Assessment to differentiate drivers according to crash-relevant performance, which was commercialized as Diagnostic Driving, Inc. (a CHOP spin-out). Ohio has chosen this assessment for possible incorporation as part of driver licensing procedures.

A few of her notable awards and honors: National Academy of Medicine, Member; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Melville Medicine; American Academy of Pediatrics, Fellow Achievement; the Governor’s Highway Safety Association; American Philosophical Society, Judson Daland Prize; National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Appreciation; University of Pennsylvania, Samuel Martin Health Services Research; Academy Health; Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAHO) & National Quality Forum; American Public Health Association, Impact; American Institute of Medical and Bioengineering, Member; Fulbright Specialist Roster; and Johns Hopkins University,  Society of Scholars Member.