Liisa T. Laine, PhD, MSc

LDI HSR Postdoctoral Researcher, Leonard Davis Institute, Wharton School

Liisa Laine is a postdoctoral researcher at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics and the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the Perelman School of Medicine. Her main research interests concern efficiency and incentives in health care provision. She uses two methodological approaches in her research. First, she develops theoretical industrial organization models to study questions related to the effects of health care competition on health care prices and qualities and the design of provider payments systems. Second, she specializes in causal inference using quasiexperimental methods that she has used to study, for instance, the effects of health information technology (e-prescriptions) and market-level effects of school choice. Liisa is expected to receive her PhD in economics from University of Jyvaskyla School of Business and Economics during fall 2018. Before joining HP/LDI at UPenn, Liisa held visiting positions at the CHOICE Institute at University of Washington (2017-2018) and the Economics Department at Columbia University (2015-2017) and Boston University (2012-2015).

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