Mei-Lynn Hua

PhD Student, Health Care Management and Economics, Wharton School

Lynn Hua is a doctoral student in the Health Care Management and Economics PhD program at the Wharton School. Broadly, her research interests lie in the analysis of competition in public and private health insurance markets and insurance plan benefit design. She is especially interested in government policies and programs that support the low-income and vulnerable populations such as the elderly, the disabled, and those with mental illness and substance use disorders. Prior to Wharton, Lynn worked as a research assistant in the Department of Health Research and Policy at the Stanford School of Medicine. She is also a former SUMR Scholar (2015) as part of the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics (LDI) and the Wharton Health Care Management Department. She graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2016 where she studied Plan II Honors and Economics.