Sachin Kamal Bahl, PhD

Vice President and Head of the Global Health and Value Innovation Center, Pfizer

Sachin Kamal-Bahl is currently Vice President and Head of the Global Health and Value Innovation Center at Pfizer, a newly created center that develops and integrates innovative approaches based on well-considered risks and strong technical underpinnings to address the access, pricing, or valuation challenges and opportunities facing the pharmaceutical industry in the current environment.

Sachin leads the Center’s strategic efforts to a) help the organization recognize the strategic implications of environmental issues impacting valuation of and access to Pfizer therapies; b) develop and test prototypes and consider systematically embedding them within internal processes of the organization to better position Pfizer to demonstrate value and gain market access for assets at launch; c) develop, execute, and evaluate innovative experimental approaches to address access, pricing, or valuation challenges for Pfizer assets being raised by payers and; d) spearhead efforts with strong technical underpinnings to develop and/or support Pfizer’s approach to access and value and shape external practices over time to create a more receptive environment for Pfizer assets.

Under Sachin’s leadership and vision, the Center has been accelerating the pipeline of approaches to solve for the environmental challenges, such as leveraging joint EMA/HTA advice pathways, EMA adaptive licensing approaches, and systematic patient engagement to optimize drug development planning and access at launch. The Center identifies innovative pricing and financing solutions for new drugs, including those for curative treatments such as gene therapies, to address payer concerns about prices and budget impact. In 2016, Sachin was named an emerging pharma leader by 

Prior to coming to Pfizer in 2014, Sachin held various leadership positions in market access, pricing, and health economics and outcomes research at Merck & Co., wherein in his most recent role as Executive Director and Global HTA Strategy Head he provided strategic guidance to Merck’s senior leadership on aspects related to HTA and its evolving landscape.

In recent work, Sachin and colleague Anupam Jena explored the idea of valuing family spillover effects of health care treatments in a Health Affairs blog post.

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