Stephen Kimmel, MD, MSCE

Stephen E. Kimmel, MD, MSCE

Professor, Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine
Professor, Epidemiology, Perelman School of Medicine

Dr. Kimmel's research focuses on cardiac pharmacoepidemiology, with a particular interest in the effects and proper use of drugs and devices for patients with coronary artery disease. He is currently principal investigator on a number of grants evaluating cardiac medications, including a study examining the relationship between myocardial infarction and use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and a study examining the effects of genetic polymorphisms and patient adherence on anticoagulation control. He is also the principal investigator of a randomized trial designed to test economic and behavioral interventions to improve adherence with antihypertensive drugs. Dr. Kimmel has extensive experience performing studies examining complications from, and the proper use of, cardiovascular devices. He also is actively studying the influence of laboratory experience on outcomes.