Adjunct Senior Fellow

Arnold Eiser, MD

  • Professor Emeritus, Drexel University College of Medicine (DUCOM)

Arnold R. Eiser, MD, MACP is Professor Emeritus of Medicine at Drexel University College of Medicine (DUCOM) and an Adjunct Fellow, in the Center for Public Health Initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Eiser’s research and scholarship bridges several disciplines including health policy, neuroscience, and environmental toxicology. His book, Preserving Brain Health in a Toxic Age, provides insight into the role of environment, diet, and other factors with regard to brain health, specifically regarding dementia, autism spectrum disorders, and dysautonomia. He has also published several scholarly articles in the field of dementia with a focus on prevention.

In 2021, he authored a frequently cited commentary on the approval of Aducanumab and offered a suggested policy change at the FDA that could avoid their endorsement of a drug that has not received support from the advisory committee. His research engagement in the prevention of dementia led to his article on the role of the inflammatory state with regard to COVID-19 lethality. His article in the Conversation on the role of climate change in enhancing environmental toxins had over 6000 reads in a month, and points to possible policy changes to reduce some toxins. He also wrote a letter to the editor of the New York Times on the role of culture in youth mental health. He is the first author of an article on improving the consent process for AICD implantation in elderly patients.

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