Bita Fayaz Farkhad

Associate Fellow

Bita Fayaz Farkhad, PhD

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Annenberg Public Policy Center, Annenberg School for Communication

Bita Farkhad completed her PhD in Economics from Lehigh University in 2019. Beyond her doctoral education, she has received extensive postdoctoral training and participated in research at the intersection of social psychology and health economics. She is dedicated to conducting hypothesis-driven research to evaluate and design interventions to improve health and wellbeing among marginalized populations. Her work so far has investigated how health insurance coverage and health insurance characteristics influence the use of medical care and HIV prevention care, and how individuals respond to the incentives provided by public programs and communications about them. She has published her findings in top field journals such as Health Economics, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, and Annals of Behavioral Medicine. Recently, she received a pilot grant award from the Penn Mental Health AIDS Research Center, which will allow her to study the COVID-19-related disruptions in the use of harm reduction and biomedical services among individuals who inject drugs.

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