Kathleen Rosenbaum

Associate Fellow

Kathleen Rosenbaum, BSN, RN, RNC-NIC, CCRN

  • Doctoral Student, Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research (CHOPR), Penn Nursing

Kathleen E. Fitzpatrick Rosenbaum, RN is a T32 Predoctoral Research Fellow in the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research (CHOPR) at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. Her love for research developed during her first bachelor’s degree in community health with an emphasis on global education, which encouraged her to conduct public health research while providing education in Ghana. Prior to doctoral work, Rosenbaum enjoyed practicing as a Pediatric Neuro/Trauma ICU and Neonatal ICU nurse in various hospitals, working to compassionately improve patient outcomes and her units’ work environments. She intends to continue to improve patient outcomes by researching the impact of organizational characteristics that leverage nurses to provide kind, safe, and cost-effective care, with tender attention to vulnerable populations. She is passionate about her privilege to be a nurse and excited about the ability of nursing to impact change, shape systems and policies, and of greatest significance, patient outcomes.

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