Associate Fellow

Olivia Familusi, MD, MSHP

  • Resident, Pediatrics, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Olivia Familusi, MD, MSHP is a Resident Physician in pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She is passionate about advancing health equity for minoritized populations through medical education, research, and health policy. Dr. Familusi’s work has focused on analyzing how health systems address the socio-cultural aspects of health via medical education and the delivery of care. She has conducted research on how physicians and medical students understand the social and political world around them and how they learn and teach structural competency and social topics in medical education. She additionally has studied the experience of physicians in delivering socio-culturally and medically appropriate care to patients who have experienced female genital cutting. Her previous works focused on identifying and assessing health disparities in urologic care. Additionally, she has designed and evaluated curriculum aimed at teaching medical students to identify and address health disparities in surgical care.

Dr. Familusi obtained her Doctor of Medicine degree and her Master of Science in Health Policy Research from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. She obtained certification in Medical Education during medical school.

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