Associate Fellow

Rebecca Mueller, PhD, LCGC

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Medical Ethics and Health Policy, Perelman School of Medicine

Rebecca Mueller, PhD, LCGC is a historian of medicine, medical ethnographer, and licensed genetic counselor. Her dissertation “The Genome and the Biome: Cystic Fibrosis @ Six Feet Apart,” uses cystic fibrosis as a case study of new diagnostic technologies, risk, and sociality. Her next project investigates the impact of genetic diagnoses on individuals’ conceptions of time and the future, intervening in the concept of a child’s right to an open future and adding to the nascent literature on disability and temporality. In addition, Dr. Mueller will undertake research on the delivery and scaling of genetic counseling services in oncology in collaboration with Penn’s Abramson Cancer Center. She is also a course director for ethics in Penn’s new Genetic Counseling Program.

Dr. Mueller received her master’s degree in Genetic Counseling from Arcadia University and completed her PhD in the History & Sociology of Science at the University of Pennsylvania.

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