Associate Fellow

Rebecca Schut

  • PhD Student, Demography and Sociology, School of Arts and Sciences

Rebecca Schut is a dual PhD student in Demography and Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania. Schut’s current research interests span the areas of social demography, race, immigration, and health services research, with a particular focus on understanding how structural racism produces racial and nativity inequalities in the structure and delivery of health services. Schut’s recent work includes a project that utilized electronic medical record (EMR) data to examine racial and ethnic disparities in provider-patient communication among patients diagnosed with incidental medical findings. She is currently developing a project that explores the practice and geographic outcomes of foreign-trained physicians in the United States. She is also engaged in a project that aims to understand whether state and local immigration policies produce inequalities in health care access and health outcomes among immigrant agricultural workers in the United States.

Schut graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2016 with a BA in Health and Societies and a Certificate in Mandarin Chinese. After graduating, Schut worked in the Department of Radiology at the Perelman School of Medicine where she managed clinical trials on breast and lung cancer screening and management.

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