Senior Fellow

Stephanie Creary, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Management, Wharton School

Stephanie J. Creary, PhD is an identity and diversity scholar and a field researcher. She is also a founding faculty member of the Wharton IDEAS lab (Identity, Diversity, Engagement, Affect, and Social Relationships), and an affiliated faculty member of Wharton People Analytics. Her research program is motivated by identifying and understanding the organizational, relational, and self work that people do to manage competing identity demands, diversity in the workplace, and improving the quality of relationships across difference at work. Prior to joining the Wharton faculty, Professor Creary was on the faculty of Cornell University. Prior to completing her PhD degree, she was a Research Associate at Harvard Business School and at The Conference Board in NYC researching corporate diversity and inclusion practices. She also has extensive work experience in the health care industry.

Professor Creary has earned BS and MS degrees from the Boston University Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences; an MBA degree from Simmons School of Management; and MS and PhD degrees from the Boston College Carroll School of Management.

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