Implementation Science

Implementation Science

Working Group Vision

  • To support the development of research to guide the implementation of evidence-based interventions across a range of healthcare settings. Past activities include a conference, speaker series, and bimonthly meetings. Future activities include bimonthly work in progress meetings where feedback is provided on research proposal, ongoing projects, and manuscripts and pilot grant funding.

Working Group Issues of Focus

  • To enhance the capacity of Penn investigators to compete for National Institutes of Health Dissemination and Implementation Funding
  • To build external recognition that Penn is a leader in the field of dissemination and implementation
  • To engender an internal Penn community around implementation science
  • To make use of UPHS as a laboratory to study dissemination and implementation methods and interventions in order to benefit research and patient care.
  • Articulate a need for policy relevant research in the area of implementation science and the importance of framing research priorities with policy relevance in mind.


Working Group Activities 2012-2013

  • The past two years have been dedicated to the formation of an implementation science community through the identification of areas of common interest, accomplished through meeting with various individuals and groups in UPHS and CHOP.
  • Several meetings of the IS working group were held.
  • A campus wide conference on implementation science was held which attracted over 100 participants from across the university. Three national leaders in implementation science gave keynote lectures and implementation leaders from UPHS and CHOP led breakout groups on a range of relevant topics.
  • Five pilot grants were funded to support investigators interested in launching DI projects.


Working Group Activities 2014

  • The leadership of the IS working group is transitioning to Ian Bennett and Rinad Beidas – big thanks to past leaders John Kimberly and Karen Glanz
  • The next IS working group pilot grant opportunity will be launched March 2014 – with emphasis on articulation of policy relevance of the research proposed
  • Lecture by Bryan Weiner PhD, University of North Carolina, on Organizational Readiness for Implementation – June 4-5 2014
  • The Implementation Science course is being offered by Judy Shea and Fran Barg
  • Carry out bimonthly IS working group meetings in April and June 2014
  • Focus on working with existing groups at both Penn and CHOP to avoid duplication and leverage common interests