HIX Conference 2017

Health Insurance Exchange Conference 2017

The 5th annual Health Insurance Exchanges Conference at the University of Pennsylvania, co-sponsored by the Princeton University Center for Health and Wellbeing and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, was held on September 14-15, 2017. It brought together senior officials from state insurance marketplaces and state insurance departments, and HHS, plus leading researchers from universities and the private sector. Building on the success of our four previous workshops, the theme for this year's was state-based efforts to preserve the individual health insurance market.

LDI's Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) working group began in 2012, with the recognition that the ACA’s success depended largely on successful implementation of its reforms in the individual insurance market. These reforms were rolling out state-by-state with little evidence to guide decisionmaking. With that, LDI created the HIX working group that focused on implementation of the health insurance exchanges. Led by Tom Baker, JD, this group continues to bring together experts from the Law School, Wharton, Medicine, Arts & Sciences, and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, as the implementation of health care reform has evolved over time.

The group has been funded by the Sloan Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson to sustain robust research portfolios in narrow networks, insurance regulation, choice architecture, and decision support. Funding also supports this high-impact annual conference that brings together researchers, government officials, and industry leaders to learn from each other as this system of exchanges develops. The Fourth Annual Conference was held on April 7-8, 2016.