Rinad Beidas' Philadelphia Inquirer Article on Childhood Trauma

Rinad Beidas' Philadelphia Inquirer Article on Childhood Trauma

Emphasizes Importance of Using Latest Evidence-Based Treatment Therapy

University of Pennsylvania Implementation Science Center (PISCE@LDI) Director and LDI Senior Fellow Rinad Beidas has co-authored a Philadelphia Inquirer Op-Ed commentary about the effects of childhood traumatic experiences including family deaths, serious accidents and sexual abuse. 


Rinad Beidas, PhD

The piece emphasizes the importance of having traumatized children treated with the latest evidence-based method -- Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and urges parents to determine if a potential therapist is trained in  TF-CBT. 

One in four children
It notes "An estimated one in every four children will experience a traumatic event before the age of 16. Although trauma is immune to race, ethnicity, sex, age, and zip code, children living in urban areas are particularly at high risk for exposure to traumatic events. Moreover, youth of color living in urban areas are the most at-risk for experiencing multiple traumatic events over time."

Beidas, PhD, who is also Director of Implementation Research at Penn's Center for Mental Health (CMH) and Associate Professor of Psychiatry, wrote the article with CMH Postdoctoral Fellow Colleen Harker, PhD.