Linda Aiken Wins International Global Health Award

Linda Aiken Wins International Global Health Award

The Velji Project of the Year Award for Global Research

The Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) has named LDI Senior Fellow Linda Aiken winner of the 2013 Velji Project of the Year Award for her global research using performance measures to demonstrate the critical impact of nurses on hospital patient outcomes.

Aiken, PhD, RN, a Professor at the School of Nursing and Director of the Center
Linda Aiken

for Health Outcomes and Policy Research, was honored for her "exceptional contributions through an original and innovative project in the field of global health."

110 universities
Headquartered in Washington, D.C., CUGH is an international organization of 110 member universities focused on applying scientific research and leadership to global health challenges.

Aiken is being singled out for leading the largest-ever cross-national study of the nursing workforce and the quality and safety of hospital care in 15 countries.

Impact of nursing environment
Her research shows that mortality rates, complications, and staff turnover are lower and patient satisfaction and safety grades of hospitals are higher when nurses have at least a bachelor’s degree education and work in a nursing environment characterized by support management and good relations between doctors and nurses.

Penn Nursing Dean Afaf Meleis, PhD, said Aiken's work provides "compelling empirical evidence to guide managerial interventions and policy decisions to protect healthcare quality and safety in these difficult economic times in which national policymakers and institutional leaders are faced with challenging decisions."