Aravind Menon Joins LDI as Associate Director of Research

Aravind Menon Joins LDI as Associate Director of Research

Former Penn State Assistant Director of Operations and Planning for Health Sciences Research

Photo: Hoag Levins
Former Penn State Operations and Planning specialist Aravind Menon, MHA, has been named LDI's new Associate Director of Research and will play a major role in expanding the services of the LDI Health Services Research Data Center (HSRDC). Shown here near his office in Blockley Hall at Penn.

Aravind Menon, the former Assistant Director of Operations and Planning in the Pennsylvania State University's Office of the Associate VP for Health Sciences Research, has joined the University of Pennsylvania as Associate Director of Research at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics (LDI) to enhance and expand the Institute's Health Services Research Data Center (HSRDC).

A specialist in health science information management, Aravind will focus on the HSRDC that supports the scientific investigations of LDI's Senior Fellows, Associate Fellows, PhD students and other affiliated research professionals across Penn's health services research community.

'A rising star'
"We're excited about Aravind's arrival because he has both a scientific background in his undergraduate training as well as his masters training in health care management," said Peter Groeneveld, MD, LDI Director of Research. "Aravind comes to us from Penn State Hershey, which is that university's medical campus, and he has a lot of very relevant experience in research administration and budgeting as well as infrastructure planning and management. We feel he's a rising star and look forward to the many ways he can help grow the (HSRDC)."

Established in 2005, the LDI HSRDC provides data services to Penn scientists who use highly sensitive patient information in their research. The Center is comprised of secure high-performance servers located at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine that have the security protections necessary to permit storage and analysis of data containing protected health information.

'Ever increasing data demand'
"Over the last five years, LDI has expanded its programmer pool, research IT and the breadth of its databases," said Groeneveld who previously managed the data center of a part time basis. "It really demands a full time manager who is going to take on all of the responsibilities and grow these resources to more fully meet and anticipate the ever increasing demand of our investigators." 

Menon earned his Master of Health Administration degree at Penn State and his BS in Microbiology from Ohio State University. He is also a graduate of the Penn State Emerging Leaders Program.