Shulamite Chiu Wins AcademyHealth Best Student Abstract Award

Shulamite Chiu Wins AcademyHealth Best Student Abstract Award

Shulamite Chiu, a second year doctoral student in the Wharton Health Care Management program and T-32 Institutional NRSA Fellow, has won the Health Economics Interest Group "Best Student Abstract" award at the 2013 AcademyHealth Research Meeting (ARM) in Baltimore.

The 2013 Health Economics Interest Group Awards, which were offically announced from AcademyHealth headquarters in Washington, are designed to recognize "outstanding work by junior investigators."

Shulamite Chiu
Photo: Hoag Levins
Wharton Health Care Management PhD student Shulamite Chiu in the poster hall at AcademyHealth.
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According to the judges, the criteria for selecting the winning posters and abstracts included their focus on health economics, the suitability of their research question, the significance of their theory applied to health services management, and the policy implications of the work.

Cross subsidization
The abstract and poster displayed at the Research Meeting by Chiu, who received a BA in economics from the University of Michigan before coming to Penn, are entitled "Cross Subsidization and Multiproduct Strategies in Medicare Advantage."

Chiu's work is focused on how the market for, and coverage of, Medicare Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) plans were changed by a 2011 federal government county-level policy shift.

Analysis of Medicare Advantage change
PFFS plans are, along with Medicare Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans and Medicare Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans, different kinds of Medicare Advantage plans.

Her abstract proposes exploring the "possibility of firms engaging in risk selection by taking advantage of product differentiation and differentiated consumer preferences across their own plan types, which I term cross-subsidization strategies and are an advantageous selection mechanism that has not been previously studied."

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