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The Latest LDI COVID-19 News & Research

LDI Virtual Seminar Eyes Coronavirus' Spread Through America's Hinterlands
Penn Medicine Innovation Managers Detail Dramatic Changes at LDI Virtual Seminar
Easing regulatory restrictions due to Covid-19 may provide solutions


LDI COVID-19 Experts In The News

Many LDI Senior and Associate Fellowsfaculty, researchers, and practicing clinicians—are at the front lines of the country's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They frequently appear in the news to provide evidence-based information about the pandemic’s progression, and discuss long-term health and economic implications. See the latest news highlights below.

LDI COVID Rapid-Response Grants Update

LDI COVID Rapid-Response Grants Update

Focused on Population Health, System Delivery, and Underserved Population Disparities Issues
Daniel Hopkins, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Media Spotlights New Survey That Finds High Trust in Medical Professionals' Advice