Many LDI Senior and Associate Fellows — faculty members, researchers and practicing clinicians — are at the front lines of the country's response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has closed down vast swaths of the American economy, public life and educational infrastructure. That crisis also presents the national health care system with a challenge of a sort not seen in the last century. Along with their other activities, many of our Senior Fellows have been writing and participating in media interviews designed to update the public on the latest developments in the crisis, as well as provide factual information about its progression and implications. Below are some of the latest of those media communications.


Triage in a Pandemic: Can AI Help Ration Access to Care?, Knowledge@Wharton, 03/31/30, Gregory Shea and Krzysztof “Kris” Laudanski, Interview

These Philly Doctors Have COVID-19, but They’re Still Treating Patients — Virtually, Philadelphia Inquirer, 03/31/2020, Krisda Chaiyachati, Interview

We Shouldn’t Rush to Use an Unproven Malaria Drug to Treat the Coronavirus, STAT, 03/31/2020, Holly Fernandez Lynch,  Interview

Government Works to Match Health Rules to Rapid Virus Response, Bloomberg Law, 03/31/2020, Robert Field, Interview

The Only Way to 'Reopen the Economy' is to Stop the Spread of the Coronavirus, Washington Post, 03/30/2020, Rachel Werner and Dave Grande, Authors

Mental Health During COVID-19, Rinad Beidas, WMMR Public Affairs Show, 03/30/2020, Rinad Beidas, Interview

COVID-19: Markus Speaks With Carolyn Cannuscio About Social Distancing, WMMR Public Affairs Show, 03/30/2020, Carolyn Cannuscio, Interview

A Practical Approach to Running a Scarce Resource Allocation Team (SRAT), Life in the Fast Lane, 03/30/2020, Julia Lynch and Isabel Perera, Authors

Governments Are Telling Americans to Stay at Home. But Thousands of People Don’t Have One., ProPublica, 03/30/2020, Dennis Culhane, Interview

As Coronavirus Surges, Crime Declines in Some Cities, The Marshall Project, 03/30/2020, John MacDonald, Interview

Physicians Facing Coronavirus: ‘This is a War. We are Soldiers.’, Philadelphia Inquirer, 03/30/2020, Ravi Parikh, Author

Smoking May be Harder to Quit Now Than Before Coronavirus, KYW Newsradio, 03/30/2020, Frank Leone, Interview

‘Terribly Traumatic.’ Patients, Doctors Confront Medical Rationing in the Coronavirus Era, Wall Street Journal, 03/30/2020, Ezekiel Emanuel, Interview

A Lottery for Ventilators? Hospitals Prepare for Ethical Conundrums, Politico, 03/30/2020, Ezekiel Emanuel, Interview

CUHK Business School Research Shows Wuhan Lockdown Significantly Cut COVID-19 Infections, Business Insider Malaysia, 03/30/2020, Hanming Fang, Interview

What the Coronavirus Curve Teaches Us About Climate Change, Politico, 03/30/2020, Howard Kunreuther, Politico Author

The GAO Told the Government in 2015 to Develop a Plan to Protect the Aviation System Against an Outbreak. It Never Happened., Washington Post, 03/30/2020, Howard Kunreuther, Interview

Household Budgets Undergo Scrutiny Amid Uncertainty of Coronavirus Crisis, Wall Street Journal, 03/30/2020, Katherine Milkman, Interview

Q&A with Professor Allison Hoffman and Simone Hussussian on the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES), Penn Law News, 03/30/2020, Allison Hoffman, Interview

Coronavirus Cases Hit 2 Largest US Cities Differently, New York Times, 03/30/2020, Jennifer Prah Ruger, Interview

Tips for Safe Grocery Shopping During Coronavirus Pandemic, CBS News, 03/30/2020, Carolyn Cannuscio, Interview

Getting Old Has Often Meant Loneliness. It’s About to Get Worse., Mother Jones, 03/30/2020, George Demiris, Interview

Forecasting the Impacts of Weather and Social Distancing on COVID-19 Transmission Across the U.S., CHOP Policy Lab News, 03/30/2020, David Rubin, Author

Hospitals Consider Universal Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders for Coronavirus Patients, Washington Post, 03/26/2020, Scott Halpern, Interview

Hospitals Need Cash. Health Insurers Have It., Harvard Business Review, 03/25/2020, David Asch, Author

Americans Struggling to Follow "Stay at Home" Orders and Keep Their Distance During Pandemic, CBS News, 03/25/2020, Carolyn Cannuscio, Interview

Who Should Be Saved First? Experts Offer Ethical Guidance, New York Times, 03/25/2020, Ezekiel Emanuel, Interview

As Coronavirus Pandemic Surges, Hospitals Prepare for Grim Possibility of ‘Ventilator Triage’, ABC News, 03/25/2020, Scott Halpern, Interview

Pennsylvania Waives Yet Another Medical Licensing Barrier In Coronavirus Battle, Delaware Valley Journal, 03/25/2020, Antonio Villarruel, Interview

If The person You Live With Has COVID-19, Here’s What To Do, WHYY, 03/25/2020, Catherine Auriemma and Austin Kilaru, Interview 

A Model Hospital Policy for Allocating Scarce Critical Care Resources: Scott Halpern and Pittsburg U Colleague Douglas White Create Clinical Guide for COVID-19, Pittsburgh U News, 03/25/2020, Scott Halpern, Author

Nursing Lessons from 1918, Radio Times, 03/25/2020, Patricia D'Antonio, Interview

Hospitals Trying to Figure out How they Would Ration Ventilators as Coronavirus Cases Rise in New York, ABC News, 03/24/2020, Scott Halpern, Interview

Trump’s Not a Doctor. He’s Only Playing One on TV., Washington Post, 03/24/2020, Ezekiel Emanuel, Author

Philly Should Reopen Hahnemann for Coronavirus — and Keep it Open After, Philadelphia Inquirer, 03/24/2020, Fred Henretig, Author

We Need Smart Coronavirus Testing, Not Just More Testing, STAT, 03/24/2020, Ezekiel Emanuel, Author

These Social Policies Could Help The U.S. Cope With The Coronavirus Pandemic:  Social Systems Need Some ‘Slack’ to Weather Sudden Spikes in Need, Washington Post, 03/24/2020, Julia Lynch, Author

Coronavirus Math Shows The Importance of Social Distancing, and The Horrible Consequences of Not Doing It, Philadelphia Inquirer, 03/24/2020, Hanming Fang, Interview

Social Media and Emergency Preparedness in Response to Novel Coronavirus, JAMA, 03/23/2020, Raina Merchant and Nicole Lurie, Authors

Bad Advice from the President': Trump Touts Unproven Coronavirus Drugs, Politico, 03/23/2020, Holly Fernandez Lynch, Interview

Fourteen Days. That’s the Most Time We Have to Defeat Coronavirus., New York Times, 03/23/2020, Ezekiel Emanuel, Author

Investors Bet Billions on Virtual Doctor Visits Before Virus Fueled a Boom, Bloomberg, Shivan Mehta, Interview

FDA Experimental Virus Drug Policy Highlights Right to Try Issue, Bloomberg Law, 03/23/2020, Holly Fernandez Lynch, Intervew

Social Distancing is of Vital Importance, MSNBC, 03/23/2020, Ezekiel Emanuel, Interview

Takeaways from the Front Lines of the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak, Penn Today, 03/23/2020, John Holmes, Interview

Coronavirus Poses Extra Risks for Smokers and Vapers. Will That Make Them Quit?, Philadelphia Inquirer, 03/23/2020, Frank Leone, Interview

Social Distancing During Coronavirus, Explained by an Expert, Vox, 03/23/2020, Carolyn Cannuscio, Interview

Calls for Medical Advice Increase as Number of Coronavirus Patients Grows, KYW News, 03/23/2020, Krisda Chaiyachati, Interview

How Is Oncology Adapting to COVID-19?, Medscape, 03/23/2020, Ravi Parikh, Interview

‘The Calm Before the Storm’: Emergency Departments Brace for Patient Surge, WHYY, 03/23/2020, Ben Sun, Interview

Hey, Millennials and Gen Z, This Isn’t Spring Break. It’s a Pandemic., Philadelphia Inquirer, 03/23/2020, Utsha Khatri and Anish Agarwal, Authors

This Physician Knows What a Ventilator Shortage Means During COVID-19 — And How We All Can Help, Philadelphia Inquirer, 03/23/2020, Meghan Lane-Fall, Author

Why Can the Utah Jazz Get Coronavirus Testing, But I Can't?, TIME, 03/20/2020, Kevin Volpp,  Interview

How Much Does COVID-19 Affect Millennials? New CDC Data Offer a Clue, TIME, 03/20/2020, George Anesi, Interview

How Can You Responsibly Enjoy Nature During Coronavirus?, Philadelphia Inquirer, Eugenia South and Raina Merchant, Authors

The People who Still Aren’t Taking This Seriously, The Atlantic, 03/20/2020, Carolyn Cannuscio, Interview

How to Help, or Get Help, in Philly During Coronavirus: Stepping Up To Aid Idled Business, Neighbors and Strangers, Philadelphia Inquirer, 03/20/2020, Alison Buttenheim, Interview

As Coronavirus Spreads, Not All Philly High-Rises Are Going on Cleaning Binges, and The City Can’t Make Them Do It, Philadelphia Inquirer, 03/20/2020, Carolyn Cannuscio, Interview

LAX Coronavirus Screenings are Haphazard, Travelers Say. Experts Say They’re Futile, Los Angeles Times, 03/19/2020, Carolyn Cannuscio, Interview

Exercise Tips To Help Kids, Teens and Families Stay Balanced at Home, QKED, 03/18/2020, Carolyn Cannuscio, Interview

9 Ways to Keep Your Social Life Alive While Stuck at Home, SELF, 03/18/202,  Carolyn Cannuscio, Interview

Philadelphia Medical Workers Worry That Coronavirus Safety Equipment Will Become Scarce, NBC News, 03/18/2020, Tarik Khan, Interview

Q&A with Penn Law Professor Allison Hoffman on Congressional Response to Coronavirus, Penn Law News, 03.18.2020, Allison Hoffman, Interview

Concerns of Subsequent Surges Cloud Long Term View of Coronavirus Spread in U.S., MSNBC, 03/18/2020, Ezekiel Emanuel, Interview

1918 Redux: Supportive Nursing Care for the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Courageous Care, American Journal of Nursing Blog, 03/18/2020, Patricia D’Antonio, Author

Here's What Your Health Insurance Covers for the Coronavirus, TheStreet, 03/18/2020, Allison Hoffman, Interview

Surge in Patients Overwhelms Telehealth Services Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, STAT, 03/18/2020, Krisda Chaiyachati, Interview

The Healthiest Way to Sweat Out a Pandemic, The Atlantic, 03/18/2020, Karen Glanz, Interview

The Further Spread of Coronavirus Has to be Prevented by Social Distancing, MSNBC, 03/18/2020, Ezekiel Emanuel, Interview

U.S. Health Care System Steps Up To Fight Coronavirus Outbreak, NPR, 03/18/2020, Ezekiel Emanuel, Interview

PA Nursing Homes Tighten Restrictions to Control for Potential Coronavirus Spread, WHYY, 03/18/2020, Kirstin Manges, Interview

Public Health Experts Worry About Spread of COVID-19 Misinformation, Roll Call, 03/18/2020, Carolyn Cannuscio, Alison Buttenheim, Interview

The Coronavirus Is Here to Stay, So What Happens Next? There May be Two to Four More Rounds of Social Distancing Before It's Over, New York Times, 03/17/2020, Ezekiel Emanuel, Author

U.S. Health Care System Steps Up To Fight Coronavirus OutbreakWBUR News, 3/17/20, Ezekiel Emanuel, Interview

Latest Update on COVID-19: What Physicians and Patients Need to KnowAAAAI Podcast, 3/17/20, George Anesi, Interview

Social Distancing and The Limits of The Law, WHYYRadio Times, 3/17/20, Carolyn Cannuscio, Interview

The Coronavirus Is Here to Stay, So What Happens Next?, New York Times, 3/17/20, Ezekiel Emanuel, Author

Parents are Watching Kids in Shifts and Sharing Caregivers as Schools Shut Down Across the US Due to Coronavirus Fears,, 3/16/20, Holly Fernandez Lynch, Interview

As Coronavirus Rages On, How to (Safely) Help Elderly People, Glamour, 3/16/20, Carolyn Cannuscio, Interview

Coronavirus lesson #1: You Never Know When You, and Everyone Around You, Will Need Public Health, Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/16/20, Robert Field, Author

The Best Thing Everyday Americans Can Do To Fight Coronavirus? #StayHome, Save Lives, USA TODAY, 3/15/20, Ezekiel Emanuel, Author

Coronavirus and Spirituality: Preserving the Faith at a Safe Distance, Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/14/20, Eugenia South and Kit Delgado, Authors

The Government Should Pay Americans to Take Coronavirus Tests. Here’s Why, Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/13/20, Mark Pauly, Author

Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety, WHYY, 3/12/20, Ezekiel Emanuel, Interview

Wharton Business School is Using the Coronavirus Pandemic as a Learning Opportunity, CNBC, 3/12/20, Ezekiel Emanuel, Interview

Philly's Biggest Coronavirus Threat: Highest Risk to the City Lies in the Scourge that Lives With Us Constantly: Poverty, The Philadellphia Citizen, 3/12/20, Carolyn Cannuscio, Interview

The Dos and Don’ts of ‘Social Distancing,’ The Atlantic, 3/12/20, Carolyn Cannuscio, Interview

How the Coronavirus May Force Doctors to Decide Who Can Live and Who Dies, New York Times, 3/12/20, Ezekiel Emanuel, Author

Researchers Rush to Test Coronavirus Vaccine in People Without Knowing How Well It Works In Animals, STAT, 3/11/20, Holly Fernandez Lynch, Interview

Coronavirus Makes Public Events and Even Private Gatherings Risky, Experts Say, Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/11/20, Carolyn Cannuscio, Interview

How Can We Manage COVID-19? 5 Ideas From Philly’s Health Community, WHYY, 3/11/20, Kristen Feemster, Interview

4 Recommendations for Dealing With the Coronavirus from a Public Health Dream Team, Mother Jones, 3/10/20, Ezekiel Emanuel, Interview

How Do We Protect Health Care Workers from the Coronavirus as They Protect Us?, Boston Globe, 3/10/20 Connie Ulrich, Author

Doctors Working While Sick is Bad Enough in Ordinary Times. During The Covid-19 Outbreak it Could be Catastrophic, STAT, 3/9/20 Steve Joffee, Author

Coronavirus Has Shut Down Schools and Events. Here’s Why That Helps, Short- and Long-Term, Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/8/20, Carolyn Cannuscio and Alison Buttenheim, Interview

As Coronavirus Spreads, Let Sick Restaurant Staff Stay Home — with Pay, Food & Wine, 3/6/20, Carolyn Cannuscio, Interview

As COVID-19 Creeps Closer to Philly, City Officials Urge Precaution, WHYY, 3/6/20, Alison Buttenheim, Interview

Coronavirus Will Hit American Hourly Workers Extra Hard, VICE, 3/6/20, Carolyn Cannuscio, Interview

Preparing for The Coronavirus, WHYY Radio Times, 3/3/20, Ezekiel Emanuel, Interview

The Psychology of Coronavirus vs. Climate Change: Why We Mobilize for One, Not the OtherWTTW TV, 3/2/20, Katherine Milkman, Interview

Public Health and Law Experts Issue Guidelines for U.S. Response to Coronavirus Transmission, Yale Law News, 03/02/2020, Alison Buttenheim, Carolyn Cannuscio, Hanming Fang, Harsha Thirmurthy, Atheendar Venkataramani, Participants