Policy and Research Program (PReP)

Dissemination Support Services for Senior Fellows

Policy and Research Program (PReP)

Increasingly, funders are requiring researchers to address translation and dissemination activities in project proposals. No longer satisfied with the boilerplate language of meeting presentations and journal publication, funders are looking for evidence that their dollars will have an impact beyond academic spheres. That’s where the Policy and Research Program (PReP) comes in.

We offer a bundle of translation and dissemination services through PReP that you can put into proposals to formalize these efforts. Funding allows us to devote limited LDI resources to your specific project, and shows a funder that you are serious about disseminating your work. This package allows you to tap into LDI expertise in health policy, health economics and health services research to make proposals more competitive and attractive to a broad array of funders.

PReP can be sized to fit your project and your budget. We have developed Cores for large Center grants, and single briefs for smaller projects. We have organized policy conferences, conducted outreach to interested policymakers, and developed cross-posted blog posts in major newspapers. We will tailor our efforts to reach the audiences you define for your work.

For example, LDI co-led a Dissemination Core for an NIH-funded Center of Excellence in Prostate Cancer Disparities. LDI partnered closely with a community advisory board, produced and disseminated Issue Briefs to professional and pay audiences, organized community educational meetings, contributed to a peer-reviewed article on a conceptual model of disparities research across institutions, and collaborated with the American College of Physicians to develop and test patient education materials about prostate cancer screening. We are now leading a core for the cross-institutional Center for Health Economics of Treatment Interventions for Substance Use Disorder, HCV, and HIV (CHERISH).

Here's how PReP works. Contact us as you’re developing a new proposal (the Update Us button above right provides a quick and convenient way to do that via Jotform). We work with you to design a dissemination and communication strategy, and provide you with text to insert into the research plan, resources and environment pages, and budget justification. The cost of the LDI Policy and Research Package is relatively low, and can easily fit into the budget requirements of many public and private funders. 

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For more information on how you can make PReP work for you, contact Janet Weiner weinerja@pennmedicine.upenn.edu.