Adoption of a portal for the primary care management of pediatric asthma: a mixed method implementation study

In the Journal of Medical Internet Research, LDI Senior Fellows Alexander Fiks and Kathleen Noonan and colleagues evaluate the feasibility of using a patient portal for pediatric asthma in primary care, its impact on management and the barriers and facilitators of implementation success. Patient portals improve communication between families of children with asthma and their primary care providers as well as outcomes. This mixed-methods multi-site (11 states) study used 10 clinician focus groups, 22 semi-structured parent interviews and surveys that were sent to the parents through the MyAsthma portal. Out of the 9133 families invited to enroll, 237 used the portal. Children of parents who used the portal were significantly more likely than non-users to be 6-9 years old, have mild or moderate/sever persistent asthma, have a prescription of a controlled medication and have private insurance. Parents, especially those with children with uncontrolled asthma were motivated to continue using the portal because it facilitated a better understanding and tracking of asthma control.