Bringing Rounds Back to the Patient: A One-Year Evaluation of the Chiefs’ Service Model for Inpatient Teaching

In Academic Medicine, Nadia Bennett and colleagues, including Peter Cronholm and Jack Ende, evaluate the impact of a new approach to inpatient teaching on both patient care and resident education. This model, called the Chiefs’ Service (CS), is a structured approach to inpatient teaching rounds, and has five key elements: morning huddles, bedside rounds, diagnostic “time-outs”, day-of-discharge rounds, and postdischarge follow-up rounds. The authors conducted end-of-rotation evaluation questionnaires among 183 residents after the program’s first year, and compared residents’ perspectives on CS to that of a traditional teaching service. Residents who participated in CS reported significantly greater satisfaction in the domains of resident education and patient care, and they rated the overall value of the rotation significantly higher. This approach to rounds therefore may be useful to improving the quality of both resident education and patient-centered care.