Choosing Wisely in Emergency Medicine: A National Survey of Emergency Medicine Academic Chairs and Division Chiefs

In Academic Emergency Medicine, Brandon Maughan and colleagues, including Judy Shea and Raina Merchant, assess whether leaders of academic emergency medicine departments are aware of the Choosing Wisely campaign, and their attitudes about the campaign. The Choosing Wisely campaign seeks to promote collaboration and communication between patients and physicians regarding the appropriateness of common tests and procedures. For this study, the researchers used a web-based survey of emergency department chairs and division chiefs to examine awareness of the campaign, anticipated effects of the program, and the extent to which Choosing Wisely was addressed with patients or discussed with professional colleagues. Eighty percent of those surveyed were aware of Choosing Wisely, but only slightly more than half could recall any recommendations from the American College of Emergency Physicians for the program. Only 45% of chairs had ever addressed Choosing Wisely with patients, in contrast to 88 and 82% who have discussed it with faculty and residents, respectively.