Effect of Attending Practice Style on Generic Medication Prescribing by Residents in the Clinic Setting: An Observational Study

In the Journal of General Internal Medicine, Kira Ryskina and colleagues, including Jessica Dine and Andrew Epstein, assess whether the prescribing practices of attending physicians influence residents’ likelihood to prescribe brand-name medications. The authors assessed the effect of the supervising attending’s rate of brand-name prescribing in the preceding quarter on the likelihood of a resident prescribing a brand-name statin. After adjusting for patient-, physician-, and practice-level factors, the supervising attending’s brand-name prescribing rate in the quarter preceding the encounter was positively associated with a postgraduate year (PGY)-1 resident prescribing a brand-name statin, but not for PGY-2 or PGY-3 residents. The authors conclude that the supervising attending’s prescribing of brand-name medications may have a significant influence on PGY-1 residents’ prescribing of brand-name medications, but not on prescribing by more senior residents.