Effect of Electronic Reminders, Financial Incentives, and Social Support on Outcomes After Myocardial Infarction

In JAMA Internal Medicine, Kevin Volpp and colleagues, including Shivan Mehta, Christian Terwiesch, Kristen Caldarella, and David Asch, investigate whether medication reminders, as well as financial and social support, delay re-hospitalization for a vascular event. The authors randomized participants to either a usual care group (the control), or to an intervention using electronic pill bottles, lottery incentives, and social support for medication adherence. The primary measured outcome of this study was time to first vascular-related re-hospitalization or death, but the authors were also interested in all-cause re-hospitalization and medication adherence. The authors find no statistically significant differences between study arms in time to first re-hospitalization for a vascular event or death. Nor were there differences between groups in time to first all-cause re-hospitalization or medication adherence. Further investigation in this area remains critical, as the value of therapeutic advances fundamentally depends on identifying ways to improve adherence to them.