Implementing Inclusive Strategies To Deliver High Quality LGBTQ+ Care In Health Care Systems

Abstract [from journal]

Aim: There is a growing recognition of the need to provide inclusive care for LGBTQ+ individuals. Our aim is to provide guidance for nurse managers contemplating similar inclusive changes in their workplace. The role of nurse managers as change agents is discussed based on our experience transforming a traditional suburban healthcare system to one that is now more LGBTQ+ inclusive.

Background: LGBTQ+ individuals require and deserve high-quality care. Nurse managers can serve as patient advocates by recognizing their capacity to initiate and sustain changes in care settings.

Methods: From our reflective nursing practice, we detail essential components that enabled an incorporation of LGBTQ+ inclusive care practices. To undertake structural changes, we highlight the significance of organizational buy-in, customer service and engagement, changes to physical environment, forms and data collection, initiating staff training, and a review of health system policies.

Results: Systemic change in healthcare is daunting but is achievable. With support from key stakeholders, nurse managers should be capable of initiating organizational changes that would benefit a patient population in receiving optimal care.

Implications for nursing management: Nurse managers are in optimum positions to initiate practice changes for inclusive LGBTQ+ healthcare. This commentary can serve as a template for meaningful organizational changes.