Investigating the (In)visible: Piloting an Integrated Methodology to Explore Multiple Forms of Violence

Abstract [from journal]

Traditional research methods typically utilize singular forms of data to conceptualize and measure violence. Methodologies designed to examine the impact of violence have been structured to primarily examine the interpersonal. However, scholars in community psychology, anthropology, and social work, and so forth, have recognized additional dimensions of violence that impact marginalized populations by restricting agency and negatively affecting physical and mental health, such as structural violence. Given growing interest in multiple forms of violence, new methodologies are required to holistically capture the full impact of violence on individuals. This article will discuss a unique methodology designed to investigate multiple forms of violence by melding semi-structured place-based interviews, family history interviews, walking interviews, and physiological data on heart rate coordinated with GPS data. This novel combination of methods allowed the researcher to deepen understanding of the relationship between place and violence while also highlighting the voices and experiences of young adults. Challenges to data collection, limitations of technology, and insights gained from the methodology will be discussed.