Missed Nursing Care in Pediatrics

In Hospital Pediatrics, Eileen Lake and colleagues, including Shweta Singh and Linda Aiken, examine patterns of missed nursing care in inpatient pediatric settings to determine whether it is associated with unfavorable work environments and high nurse workloads. The authors used registered nurse data from over 200 pediatric hospitals. The data shows that nurses reported missed care on their last shift for twelve nursing activities due to time constraints. More than half of pediatric nurses missed care on their previous shift, and missed care was more prevalent in poor work environments versus better ones. The authors find that the chances that a nurse missed care were 40 percent lower in better work environments. These chances increased 70 percent for each additional patient assigned per nurse. Nurses in inpatient pediatric care who care for fewer patients, and practice in a professionally supportive work environment, miss care less often, increasing the quality of patient care.