Physician Perspectives In Year 1 Of MACRA And Its Merit-Based Payment System: A National Survey

ABSTRACT [from journal]

We surveyed a national sample of internal medicine physicians in March–May 2017 to explore their beliefs about the newly implemented Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). Respondents believed that their efforts in the four focus areas identified in the survey would ultimately improve the value of care. When informed that those areas represented the four MIPS domains, the majority remained positive about the likely impact on value. However, expectations varied by physicians’ characteristics and sense of control over the desired outcomes, and many respondents believed that unintended consequences could occur. Moreover, respondents generally reported low familiarity with the policy and disagreed with program guidelines for weighting domains in the composite score. These findings indicate the need to educate physicians about MIPS and suggest potentially fruitful approaches. Moving forward, policy makers should monitor for unintended consequences and explore ways to better align program guidelines with physicians’ perspectives.