Prevalence of Burnout in Occupational and Environmental Medicine Physicians in the United States

Abstract [from journal]

Objective: To determine prevalence and key drivers of burnout in Occupational and Environmental Medicine physicians in the US.

Methods: A nationwide survey of Occupational Medicine physicians was conducted using the Qualtrics® platform. Burnout, measured by the Maslach Burnout Inventory®, Social Support and Job Satisfaction were assessed.

Results: The response rate was 46%, the overall burnout prevalence 38% and most respondents were male (69%). The mean age and mean years in practice were 56 years and 20 years respectively. Physicians working in government/military (48%) and private medical center group settings (46%) were significantly more likely to report burnout, with consultants (15%) reporting the lowest rate.

Conclusions: Although the overall burnout prevalence is lower in Occupational Medicine physicians compared to most specialties, the rate varies significantly by practice setting (15%-48%) affirming the impact of organizational factors.