The Role of Technical Advances in the Adoption and Integration of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Clinical Care

In Medical Care, Roxanne E. Jensen (Georgetown University) and colleagues, including LDI’s Christopher Forrest, explore the changing role of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) in clinical treatment. PROs, assessments of a patient’s experiences in a structured and standardized format directly from the patient themselves, are gaining recognition as key measures for improving the quality of patient care in clinical care settings. The authors examine five case studies across diverse health care settings and patient populations to explore how implementation barriers were addressed to promote the successful integration of PRO collection into the clinical workflow. The case studies address selecting and reporting of relevant content, workflow integration, pre-visit screening, effective evaluation, and electronic health record integration. The case studies exemplify elements of well-designed electronic systems, including response automation, tailoring of item selection and reporting algorithms, flexibility of collection location, and integration with patient health care data elements. They also highlight emerging logistical barriers in this area, such as the need for specialized technological and methodological expertise, and design limitations of current electronic data capture systems.