School Nurse Reported Supply and Administration of Naloxone in Schools

Abstract [from journal]

Objective: To describe school nurse reported naloxone supply and administration in Pennsylvania, as well as nurse and school-level characteristics associated with naloxone availability.

Methods: Cross-sectional, online survey with school nurses in Pennsylvania. Data were collected (3/14/18-6/5/18) on school nurse demographic and professional characteristics, school characteristics, naloxone supply and administration, and when not available, reasons for not having a naloxone supply.

Results: A total of 362 school nurses met inclusion criteria, representing schools in 56 of the 67 Pennsylvania counties. Over half of the school nurses reported a naloxone supply in their school building (53.6%, n = 194). Additionally, 5.2% of those who had a naloxone supply reported that it had been administered in their school or at a school sponsored activity. The most common reasons for not having naloxone available included lack of support and the belief that naloxone was not needed in their school.

Conclusion: Although many school nurses reported having a naloxone supply in their school, and a small percentage reported administration, particular barriers to access and use remain.