Sustained improvement in intraoperative efficiency following implementation of a dedicated surgical team for pediatric spine fusion surgery

In Perioperative Care and Operating Room Management, Wallis Muhly, Ron Keren, and colleagues assess if dedicated surgical teams can improve and sustain intraoperative efficiency for pediatric posterior spine fusion (PSF). The authors compared OR efficiency data and total time spent in the OR before and after adoption of a dedicated surgical team model. The quality improvement model including developing a multidisciplinary team of surgeons, anesthesiologists nurses, and technicians, structuring weekly team meetings to understand and map the OR process, and identifying areas where team coordination could be improved. They found that implementation of this model initially reduced total operating time by 29%, and once expanded to include more complex patients, reduced total OR time from 395 minutes to 317 minutes. The authors concluded that multidisciplinary efforts can sustain increased OR efficiency for PSF, and may be extended to other PSF perioperative groups.