Using Active Choice Within the Electronic Health Record to Increase Influenza Vaccination Rates

In the Journal of General Internal Medicine, Mitesh Patel and colleagues, including Kevin Volpp ​and Dylan Small, evaluate the association between an active choice intervention in the electronic health record and changes in influenza vaccination rates. Despite the benefits of influenza vaccination, each year more than half of adults in the U.S. do not receive it. In this study, the “active choice intervention” was a best practice alert in the electronic health record system, which prompted the provider to actively “accept” or “cancel” an order for the influenza vaccine. The study shows that the active intervention was associated with a significant increase in influenza vaccination rates when compared to a control group. This suggests that choice architecture - the manner in which choices are offered and displayed - within the electronic health record could be used to support medical decision-making and improve influenza vaccination rates. 

This study was funded by an LDI Small Grant.