Research Working Groups

In the interest of fostering collaboration and interdisciplinary working, LDI convenes working groups together with Penn Medicine’s Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy. Each is chaired by a Senior Fellow and has flexibility on how they operate in order to achieve the greatest impact. 


Modeling the supply of and demand for health professionals and allied personnel; how to rearrange existing personnel to meet health needs; improving the primary/specialty care interface. 

Chairs: David Grande and Matthew McHugh

Behavioral Economics and Patient Engagement

How to better engage patients (and the public) in their health and health care. This topic includes research into incentivizing healthy behaviors, improving adherence/compliance, the role of new media and social networking in improving self-care and how to communicate research results to change behavior. 

Chairs: Kevin Volpp, Alison Buttenheim, and Katy Milkman

Health Insurance Exchanges and Narrow Networks

Studying the implementation policies, structure, management, and decision architecture of the state health insurance exchanges (HIX) mandated by The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This act requires states to establish online health insurance exchange portals and data systems to enable individuals and small businesses to compare and purchase health insurance. 

Chair: Tom Baker

Implementation Science

Given a proven intervention, what are the best practices for successfully implementing it within a larger system? 

Chair: Rinad Beidas