SUMR 2015 - A Life Changing Experience


SUMR 2015 - A Life Changing Experience

The experiences I have had this summer through LDI’s SUMR Program are priceless. I had the opportunity to work and network with amazing individuals who are experts in their fields. These individuals can, and will, make an impact on our society through their research and work.


2015 SUMR Scholar Enrique Torres Hernandez is a rising junior at St. Mary's University majoring in Mathematics, Economics, and Political Science.

Although it was difficult to leave home and set up my life across the country, Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania quickly became another home to me. In this new environment, I found the career path that I want to follow, one that I am both passionate and excited about. I now know that I want to pursue a career in medicine and research, and the SUMR program allowed me to experience these fields. I believe that following this path will allow me to directly impact the lives of many individuals and eventually society.

This summer has been full of excitement and learning. I worked in the Intensive Care Units of two University of Pennsylvania Health System hospitals. I learned R statistical programming from scratch, while also having the opportunity to study asthma prevalence in the U.S. and handoffs in critical care. I shadowed an extraordinary mentor in both the OR and the ICU. But that’s not all. Throughout the entire summer, all scholars had the wonderful privilege to attend weekly SUMR Program seminars covering everything from Health Economics to Medicine.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to participate in the SUMR Program, supported by two of the most wonderful people I have ever met. Joanne Levy and Safa Browne made everything possible this summer, and went beyond the call of duty to be there for all of the scholars. On behalf of all the SUMR 2015 scholars and all past SUMR scholars, I want to sincerely thank them for being wonderful friends, mentors, role models, and a family to us all for the summer,  and I hope for the rest of our careers. My life-changing summer experience is thanks to the amazing LDI staff, my SUMR 2015 cohort, my mentors, and all of the amazing individuals I got the opportunity to meet this summer.

The opportunity to grow, learn, and experience an immense amount this summer has truly been amazing and I would not trade it for anything. If I had to choose one word to describe the SUMR Program, it would be “priceless”. For anyone who is uncertain about career choices, research, graduate school, medical school, or life in general, I highly recommend this program.