Alec Hilton

Alec Hilton is a junior at Washington University in St. Louis where he is pursuing a BA in Anthropology: Global Health and Environment, with possible minors in Latin American Studies and Sociology. Alec is involved in a four-year program called “Medicine and Society” where he studies the social and cultural foundations of health and illness in human societies. It was through this selective program that Alec became interested in, and exposed to, the social determinants of health. After graduation, Alec plans to pursue a Master’s in Public Health and work specifically with Spanish-speaking and minority populations.

During SUMR, Alec worked on two projects. One project was with Dr. Harald Schmidt where Alec conducted a review of the ethics of personal responsibilities for health policies- specifically on work requirements for Medicaid. The second project Alec worked on was to understand and improve health system disparities in ED wait times with Dr. Jaya Aysola.

At Washington University, Alec is the external vice president for Alpha Psi Lambda, National Inc., a co-ed Latino interest fraternity. He is involved with Timmy Global Health, a nonprofit that expands access to healthcare and empowers students and volunteers to address today's most pressing global health challenges. Also, during the semester he works biweekly with elementary aged children in a low socioeconomic charter school to empower them to be their own health advocates through a group called MedEd. Alec enjoys spending time outdoors, playing soccer, and traveling.