Amanda Carrillo-Perez

Amanda Carrillo-Perez graduated from Swarthmore College with a double major in Biology and Anthropology. At Swarthmore, she developed a passion for the intersections of natural and social sciences. Amanda’s first interest in healthcare services was sparked through constant accompaniments to a relative’s hospital visits where she noticed the increasing need for accessible healthcare among the Latinx community in Los Angeles. In her junior spring semester, Amanda studied abroad in Vietnam, South Africa, and Argentina where she took part in community based research to determine the effects of globalization and socio-cultural forces on health outcomes. Amanda plans on pursuing both a medical degree and a PhD in Health Policy.

During SUMR, Amanda conducted research on two different projects. The first was under the guidance of Dr. Jaya Aysola, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine, on a project that focused on leveraging social network relationships to improve cancer prevention behaviors among primary care patients. She also conducted research alongside Dr. Jessica Dine, Assistant Professor of Medicine, on a project that focused on the development of an instrument used to measure the perception and experience of gendered micro aggressions among internal medicine residents.

At Swarthmore, Amanda worked as a research assistant in the biology department on a project which analyzed the effects of anti-parasite drug usage on dung beetle populations across the globe. She served as an admissions office intern where she was tasked with organizing prospective student weekends and overnight visits. She was a member of the Swarthmore Global Health Forum since her freshman year, where she discussed global health issues with fellow members and serves as a public health promoter on campus. Amanda also served as a board member of the Swarthmore Zero Waste committee, a group that serves as a coordinating body for sustainability efforts on her campus. In her free time Amanda enjoys teaching herself film photography, listening to live music with friends, reading, and hiking.